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Do you need commercial water meter services? The Ingram family have been the leading plumbers in your area for 5 generations since 1905. Call BETTER PLUMBING SERVICES, the original Plumb Crazy Plumber. We are PLUMB CRAZY about our customers! 844-PLUMBCRAZY.

Common Water Meter Problems

Call us today if you experience any of these issues with your water meter:

Commercial Water Meter Installation

Don’t have a water meter installed on your property? You could be paying too much for water without realizing it.

Hire the commercial plumbing pros at Better Plumbing Services today for water meter installation for your business. When complete, you’ll know exactly how much water is being used and how much you should be paying for it. Call Better Plumbing Services today or fill in our online form to schedule a water meter installation or inspection.

Skilled Water Meter Repair

Has your water meter developed a fault? A faulty water meter can leave you paying for water that you have not used.
Don’t pay unnecessary expense due to a defective water meter. Call us now to schedule an appointment and one of our licensed, commercial plumbers will diagnose and repair any damage to your water meter.

Trusted Water Meter Services

Whether you are looking for installation or repair, the trusted commercial plumbers at Better Plumbing Services are here to help with your business water meter needs.

The Ingram Family at Better Plumbing Services has been providing water meter services for over 100 years! Call Better Plumbing Services, the ORIGINAL Plumb Crazy Plumber, and talk to our plumbing experts today! (770) 929-8360 or 844-PLUMBCRAZY.

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