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Is your toilet not working as it should be? There are many moving parts to this fixture so there are many problems that can occur. Finding the source is not always an easy task. The Ingram family have been the leading plumbers in your area for 5 generations since 1905. Call BETTER PLUMBING SERVICES, the original Plumb Crazy Plumber. We are PLUMB CRAZY about our customers! 844-PLUMBCRAZY.

Common Problems with Toilets

  • Broken seat, whether it has come off its hinges or has been damaged or cracked.
  • Loose, slow or broken flush.
  • Rocking, usually caused by deterioration in the fixings.
  • Loose, wonky or squeaky lid.
  • Bubbling, which is usually caused by problems with drain venting.
  • Clogs and blockages. If other fixtures in your home are affected this could indicate a wider problem, so call a plumber sooner rather than later.
  • Condensation on the cistern. This can lead to mold, mildew and rot damage to your bathroom.
  • Sealing and securing. Dirt, muck and bacteria can get trapped and cause foul smells if there is inadequate caulking around the base.
  • Rusting, corrosion and wear. No fixtures last forever, but with proper maintenance they can be made to last a very long time.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Identifying the specific problem is the first step and not always easy to do. Call Better Plumbing Services today for fast toilet repair or, if necessary, toilet replacement. Problems with your toilet are among the most stressful to deal with. It is not so much of a problem if you are still able to use it, but if it is rendered non-functional by the problem then your quality of life immediately drops.

No one wants to ask their neighbours for the use of their bathroom or, even worse, be forced to find alternative, temporary living accommodations until the problem is fixed. We know that you need a fast, reliable and competitively priced toilet repair service. We will not keep you waiting, so do not delay a moment longer. Call or fill out our easy online form today!

If you should need a new unit, we also offer professional installation and expert advice, helping you to ensure that you are getting the right fixture for the right price – and that installation will not cost more than it has to!

The Ingram Family at Better Plumbing Services has been providing toilet repair and toilet installation services for over 100 years! Call Better Plumbing Services, the ORIGINAL Plumb Crazy Plumber, and talk to our plumbing experts today! (770) 929-8360 or 844-PLUMBCRAZY.

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